6-ABC Action News covers Grow This Block! : “Germantown neighbors plant new life”

On Saturday, May 28, at the start of Memorial Day Weekend, the 6-ABC Action News team came out to shoot a segment on Grow This Block! – the community project my sister and I organized. When the assignment editor confirmed the story, I figured just a camera person would be sent to get some footage. I was thrilled to see both doors of the Action News van swing open! Reporter Cathy Gandolfo spent nearly an hour on the block as she strolled up and down W Rockland Street interviewing residents about their planting projects. Both my sister and I also talked with Cathy about the ideas behind the project.

In my work, I’m always pitching stories about Canary clients to TV media and arranging interviews for other people. I’m very comfortable in front of the camera but it still always feels slightly odd to switch places and be the interviewee!

The Action News segment was the lead during the six o’clock evening news and teased several times throughout the broadcast by anchor Rob Jennings.

Watch it on the 6-ABC website here: Germantown neighbors plant new life.


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