Live. Work. Play. Organize.

emaleighdoleyEmaleigh Doley is an experienced organizer working on community economic development in Philadelphia. She also has a background in communications and programming, and has worked across creative disciplines in community and audience engagement, marketing, and public relations, with a focus on civic, neighborhood, and cultural projects.

She has a vested interest in improving cities from the ground up, connecting government with citizens, and providing people working for socially progressive and fundamental change with vital information to help fuel their work.

A native Philadelphian, Emaleigh grew up in the city’s Germantown neighborhood, where the streets are still lined with cobblestones, and the suburbs of Havertown just across the city limits. From there, she spent five years exploring Washington, D.C. before landing back in Philly in 2005. She currently lives in Germantown, Philadelphia.

Emaleigh holds a BA in English from The George Washington University, where she also studied film theory and African American history and culture.

PS: Yes, Emaleigh is pronounced just like Emily.


For fun, Emaleigh likes…

exploring cities : sitting by fountains : pedro almodovar : site-specific art and performances : outdoor sculpture and other public art : riding trains : Ocean City, NJ : iPhone photography : museums all over : collecting postcards : clever tv : live music (from the gospel blues of Sister Rosetta Tharpe to party man Prince, poet/rocker Patti Smith and the improvisational PHISH) : bicycling : the wonderful world wide web : The X-Files : great quotes : “I keep inside myself, in my private museum, everything I have seen and loved in my life.” – Andre Malraux